Award for ‘Best Paper’ at Educon 2014

I have just returned from the Educon 2014 conference in Istanbul, and it was a...

10th Apr
Best Paper Award

Paper accepted at Educon 2014

As I mentioned in an earlier post I wrote a research paper...

19th Mar

Master thesis in collaboration with Antvorskov School

I have moved to Zealand to conduct my master’s thesis in collaboration...

10th Jan
Antvorskov Skole

My last month in Costa Rica

My internship is coming to an end. I’ve completed my project, and...

19th Dec
Tomas, Emmelina, Kuki, Rob and I

4th & 5th month in Costa Rica

Two more months have passed by and these have been busy busy busy! My semester...

28th Nov

3rd month in Costa Rica

Another month has passed by and I have now been in Costa...

20th Sep
I am standing at the edge of the crater. An inch behind me was a 300 meter drop to the bottom. The crater itself is 1,6 km. wide.

2nd month in Costa Rica

This month was a busy one! I worked hard to finish the...

23rd Aug
Crazy looking but very practical LEGO Mindstorm robot. The large tray on its right alows for picked up objects to slide into the right place on the special tables.

My first month in Costa Rica!

What an incredible experience! I have been living in Costa Rica for...

26th Jul
Click to read about it!

Going to Costa Rica!

Today I’m traveling to Costa Rica to start my six months research...

28th Jun
Costa Rica!

NoEL seminar on Digital Educational Experiments

Today we hosted a NoEL (Network on E-Learning) seminar about digital educational...

06th Jun
A lot of happy participants. The first speaker is on at this moment.